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Bioinformatic analysis often require working in a unix environment and performing analyses on computing clusters. This can be a big hurdle for biologists to perform these analyses themselves. To alleviate this, we provide a user interface to bioinformatics tools routineously used in the lab. The initial focus is on High Throughput Sequencing analysis. As user-interface we use Galaxy, web-based platform that allows you to perform, reproduce and share data intensive analyses.


Cornet allows integrating plant coexpression, protein-protein interactions, regulatory interactions, gene associations and functional annotations, both in Arabidopsis and maize.


PLAZA is an access point for plant comparative genomics centralizing genomic data produced by different genome sequencing initiatives. It integrates plant sequence data and comparative genomics methods and provides an online platform to perform evolutionary analyses and data mining within the green plant lineage (Viridiplantae). Plaza has been developed by the group of Klaas Vandepoele.