Zhu Tingting

Predoctoral fellow @ Functional Phosphoproteomics

I accomplished my master study in 2017, which is followed by my PhD study with the CSC scholarship in the Functional Phosphoproteomics group at VIB in October 2017. I am working on the high temperature-mediated signaling events in Arabidopsis and crops (wheat, soybean). In Arabidopsis, I am mainly exploring how warm temperature prioritizes growth over jasmonate-mediated responses. Additionally, I am also interested in warm temperature-regulated early signaling events and the correlated networks using phosphoproteomics. In wheat, I apply phosphoproteomics to explore how high temperature affects the reproductive growth and development, followed by functional validation under high temperature.

Contact information

Office: Technologiepark 71, 9052 Zwijnaarde, Belgium
Email: tingting.zhu@psb.vib-ugent.be
Office Phone: +32(0)93313866