Growth Rooms

growth_chambers_logoTo facilitate high-quality plant growth experiments, the Center for Plant Systems Biology is equipped with state-of-the-art growth facilities.

Two modern greenhouses (700 and 760 m²) are prominently located on the roof of the east wing of the building. Several compartments are fitted with automatic watering systems that allow optimal watering regimes. The climate in the compartments is independently controlled. Besides heating and ventilation, the climate system encompasses humidification and assimilation lights to ensure optimal growth conditions for a range of species year round.

Inside, 20 additional plant growth chambers of 10 to 18 m² provide a wide range of reproducible and uniform growth conditions. Adjacent to the greenhouse and growth chambers, there are rooms for preparation, analysis and harvesting of material. Furthermore, six in-vitro tissue culture rooms of 19 m² each are furnished with three levels of cooled shelves, which are subdivided in sections in which the illumination levels can be adjusted independently.